Tim richmond.... aka gump... dirt. whats that scoobie? Bet..

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Just wondering

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Just me

He is married he has always cheated on his wife he is a dopewhore and he drinks.just got off probation. Child molester "his own kid" has venerial warts he gets burned off at the health dept every few months so Ashley Nicole renfrow is dope whore he hangs with to get his dick sucked by her won't see them. He tryed to kill his wife by strangeling her to death and bit her finger off.he is a abuser a liar a thief and has everyone believing his wife is crazy but he is liar. She suffered by the hands of him for 32 years he lives in Timmy Shelton's garage on weir. Beware of him he is not who he percieves to be. Truth bet

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Just me

Truth be known

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